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One of the service security logic offerings is customized travel security arrangements to Israel. The state of Israel presents a strong emotional and spiritual connection among people from all over the world, due to the political environment in Israel, sometimes it can be very challenging for travelers to navigate themself. Security logic understands the political and religious aspects of it. We provide a full turn-key solution for travelers to visit sites that are important to them without compromising their security and provide the necessary communication and documentation to correspond with the authority’s in charge.


Full Coordination

security logic security services for travelers in Israel.

Working Together

Security Logic personal is the army and special forces veterans. When families and travelers come to Israel, they can rest assured that all security measures and coordination with the Israeli army and the Palestinian authority clearances are all taking care of.Security logic is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Security Logic Services

Security Guard Services Tel Aviv, Israel

Security Logic international security company that delivers high-quality, professionally trained Security services in. Israel middle east, and Asia.

Security Logic security services is a hands-on company with long time experience with a large network of certified security companies and security contractors, for 24-hour surveillance and protection of residents, VIPs, delegates, and tourists alike. We provide the finest security guards, bodyguards, and watchmen with proper background checks and screenings. Security Logic services provide critical infrastructure security against natural and man-made disasters, unrest, and criminal assaults.

Armed Security Guard Company Tel Aviv, Israel 

  • Security Logic Services service you with the highest value. We are certified, licensed, and well-trained armed security personnel with decades of experience in conducting high-risk security details and protocol duties. We also impart intensive training before placing them on the field.