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VIP Delegation & Personal Security

When it comes to the delegation and personal security of VIPs, it is necessary to consider the smallest and the large details when strategizing a security operation for an individual.  All must be done without a compromise. The way Security Logic taking this approach is by testing secure needs regarding possible threats. Review of threats environmentally, physically, politically, and religiously.

For example, if the mission is to secure a yacht in the Red Sea we accouter threats posed by piracy. In a Muslim country, we emphasize the threats posed by extremist Muslims trying to hit tourists. In countries where there is a criminal’s culture of “kidnapping for ransom” each reign in the world has its security challenges mentality. We strategize scenarios to minimize risk so we can secure personal and intelligently implement security with flawless execution so the VIP can continue their activity without interruption.

Our global experience, knowledge, and Professionalism make us an expert leader in the field of security includes services like investigations, intelligence gathering, and tactical operations. Our capability can answer almost any threats and we can deal with them in the best way.


Marine & Yacht Security

Political events of the twentieth century have made marines and yachts an attractive target for the activity of terrorists and other criminal elements. A port hosts a wide range of interests: National, Economic, Commercial, etc. That is likely to be the target of illegal activity. One of the largest marine explorations is Offshore rigs. They can be found throughout the world, there are many rigs uses for exploration, drilling, production of oil and gas, and other natural resources located at sea. Sometimes these rigs are located in territorial waters and sometimes beyond, sitting in Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of various countries with distances of up to 200 nautical miles from shore. In most cases, countries reward exploration franchises to private and/or governmental companies that fund the exploration and later the production of the natural resource or wherever it is found. The drilling rigs located at sea are usually classified as strategically vital for various countries.

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Security Logic Cyber Security and Forensic department consultant focus and secure cyber security risks, advising and supporting clients to ensure they understand the dangers and implications of a successful attack. In a world where your data is a highly sought-after commodity, making sure it is protected must be regarded as a top priority for all organizations

Forensic Investigation-The Computer Forensic Analysis process is a detailed and methodical approach for examining digital media files, network entry, and exits points to establish factual information for civil or criminal matters including but not limited to corporate espionage. This process relies on the complete integrity of data and strict adherence to best practice, specified to the Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Practice and Conduct. 

Aviation and Cargo Security

The aviation industry is a sector with demanding requirements when it comes to security. Especially since the September 11 attacks in New York. Security Logic is a global leader in protective services, is at the forefront of aviation security. The company provides best-in-class individually tailored security solutions by combining advanced technology with three fundamental values – integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness – Security Logic cargo and aviation transport department is focused on providing customized security services to airports, airlines, airport storage facilities, and hangars. Security Logic provides services to governments, civil, private sector. We are well trained in implementing security protocols that fit each risk case scenario. Our experience working with and for the government of Israel, giving us an advantage. Security Logic approaching aviation and cargo security with a tactical assessment and immediate resolutions.

Intelligence & Investigation

At Security Logic global security services our multifaceted teams of industry experts, forensic analysts, intelligence experts, and on-the-ground sources provide intelligence and risk assessment regarding business partners, suppliers, competitors, markets, and governments that are individually complied and customized to the strategic issues at hand. We have evolved our methodologies and built on our rich experience to be able to see through the complexity of today’s global and hyper-connected markets and provide clear, actionable intelligence. Our clients rely on us when they need answers. Our unique blend of diverse investigative experience, advanced technology and local insight allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that enable our clients to manage and mitigate risk throughout the business cycle, secure in the knowledge that their project will be managed in the utmost confidence and according to the highest legal and ethical standards.  


Spring Break Travelers Security

To the best of our knowledge Security Logic is the only company that offers spring break security for teens. With the growing concerns of spring break disappearing, intoxication, and over drug use, every parent’s nightmare is that their son or daughter will be affected by one of those events. We can not forget the cases of Natalee Holloway, Brittanee Drexel, Stacie Madison, and Susan Smalley, Karen Wilson, and others. This security service is for parents that want to sleep well at night knowing that someone always watching their kids. Security logic offers plainclothes undercover security or disclosed if parents choose that route. Our licensed security professional reports to the parent each move the kids made and will interfere in a situation if required. Syndicates of parents’ plans are also available for groups of teens who travel to the same destination.

Special Security Services

Israel & Middle East Visitors

Security Logic Israel is a group of specialized advisors in all of the security & Investigation fields. Private Security as well as VIP protection, bodyguardDelegation close protection, Marine & Yacht Security, Intelligence & Investigation, and other range of full service-quality security services in Israel. Each and every one of our people has wide and profound experiences in many years of planning, developing, establishing, and operating the security systems for national and business factors, as well as private clients. In addition to security services, Security Logic provides VIP services like Booking flights, hotels and managing meetings. Pick up from the plane at the entrance from the airport through flight attendant services and accommodation in the VIP lounge. Quick border and passport control and more.

Army Tactical Training

Logic Security Services is a leader in tactical combat security and training firms working around the globe. Our performance is proven and tested in many case scenarios. Security Logic is lead by the past army and special forces veterans. The need for real-world, practical, proactive security solutions, as opposed to the failure-prone, reactive security measures employed by a majority of security agencies, has become a necessity in our increasingly dangerous world. An effective security agency must be adaptable to a wide variety of ever-changing needs. Adaptability is the key to surviving. Security Logic services mindset is the key to thriving and provides our clients with a formidable tactical solution.